🤑Premium Account🤑


    • {this.value}*1 $
    • ({field.62f348f7961bf8.22447854.price}*12)/100 $
    • 80 $


What you receive:
👤Google Ads account – suspicious payment protection

How to use it:
👉 You don’t need proxies, RDP, cookies and so on. You can add on your machine, use a new browser, add my account and run it as you wish.
👉 You can use any budget from day 1, but I still advise using a low budget (10$-20$) in case your niche is BH for warming up the domain (the account doesn’t need it).

✔ Account geo is the USA, but you can run any country or language ads;
✔ My accounts are ideally suited for back, grey or white hat niche;
✔ 100% private account. As long as you pay, the rental cost is yours.

> Those accounts are thoroughly verified and super quality; each account costs $500,00.
> You must pay $100 every 30 days to keep your account active.
> You can use your cards at your own risk to get ban;
> To add funds, you should send BTC, and USDT to me and in 12h, I will upload them to your google ads account.
> Cost for adding funds is a 12% fee;

The account will be given with live running ads, fully verified to prove that the account is perfectly working.
Delivery is within 72h.

For support ONLY > Telegram