Don’t trust the bullshit of Google Ads “experts”.

After the end of the Google Ads heaven in Russia, people are desperately trying to find a way to run their ads. The facts are that everyone has become a “Google Ads expert,” but at the same time, they are giving you fake accounts that get banned after one hour.

“But how could that be? They had 4.5/5 Trustpilot reviews!”

Trustpilot reviews can be faked in a few seconds. No need for a fancy college degree: just create a mobile hotspot connection, and you’re good to go! Oh, what a coincidence… Every profile there has 1 review in total: positive and just for them😱🤣!

“I warmed up the account as they said but still I got suspended”

Warming up an account, it’s completely useless. It’s a way for them to take time and hope that Google Ads will not ban their shitty VCC card attached. Yes, because Big G already banned the BIN of your Revolut and Sberbank bank!

If your account is real (real billing+real plastic card+verify, you can do it from day 1 any budget).

It’s absolutely normal to make $400 on the first day with our account

“How to deal with suspicious payment suspension?”

Payment suspicious doesn’t matter on the age of account or country. It’s a verification of billing information, and if you have a Virtual Credit Card there is no chance to win an appeal!

We handle that on every account, and all our accounts are already unsuspended; we got a 100% success rate on getting approved, and we guarantee you that will be no issue.

No suspicious payment problem for money and rent account or we refund!




$900 $450

Unsuspended account
Verified billing
Free guide how to use it
No need of proxy
Free anti detect browser
10-100 ad spent
No limits on your ads
Unlimited campaigns
Perfect for black hat
Any budget from day 1
What are the Payment Methods?
We accept multiple ways to pay, including wire transfers, Crypto, and for regular users, PayPal or credit card payments.
How can I contact you?

We are every day in WhatsApp and Telegram. We don’t use email.

Can I make a black hat niche?
Sure you can. We are running everyday casinos and all-black hat niche successfully.

We are giving you even full advice on how you should set up the campaign to avoid any ban.

Can I add my credit card?
Yes, you can, for doing that you must buy the account.
Why should you trust us?
This industry is full of scams; for this reason, we offer a worry-free guarantee. If you’ll get “payment suspicious suspension” from our renting or money account, we’ll give you a free replacement or refund.

WE DON’T USE TRUST PILOT. We see no advantage in those reviews because anyone can create unlimited fake write-ups (like many of our competitors do) as a way to attract attention.

We don’t need to do that; we already have so many orders that we often have to terminate sales for the day because we are out of stock.

Do you sell threshold account?

No, we don’t sell them, and whatever promise you get, you will never find someone legit selling this kind of account.

What is the rented price?

Rent account you can run it on my machine and manage it with AnyDesk. No need for a proxy, anti detect, or anything. No limits in budget and campaign.