Don’t trust the bullshit of Google Ads “experts”.

After the end of the Google Ads heaven in Russia, people are desperately trying to find a way to run their ads. The facts are that everyone has become a “Google Ads expert,” but at the same time, they are giving you fake accounts that get banned after one hour.

“But how could that be? They had 4.5/5 Trustpilot reviews!”

Trustpilot reviews can be faked in a few seconds. No need for a fancy college degree: just create a mobile hotspot connection, and you’re good to go! Oh, what a coincidence… Every profile there has 1 review in total: positive and just for them😱🤣!

“I warmed up the account as they said but still I got suspended”

Warming up an account, it’s completely useless. It’s a way for them to take time and hope that Google Ads will not ban their shitty VCC card attached. Yes, because Big G already banned the BIN of your Revolut and Sberbank bank!

If your account is real (real billing+real plastic card+verify, you can do it from day 1 any budget).

It’s absolutely normal to make $400 on the first day with our account

“How to deal with suspicious payment suspension?”

Payment suspicious doesn’t matter on the age of account or country. It’s a verification of billing information, and if you have a Virtual Credit Card there is no chance to win an appeal!

We handle that on every account, and all our accounts are already unsuspended; we got a 100% success rate on getting approved, and we guarantee you that will be no issue.

No suspicious payment problem for money and rent account or we refund!




$999 $500

Any niche welcome
Verified billing
No need of proxy
No limits on your ads
Unlimited campaigns
Perfect for black hat
Any budget from day 1

Please note!

I don’t sell google threshold accounts!

My accounts are for people who want to work with google in the long term and not for whom wish to run ads without paying it!